As an entrepreneur, Chief Emmanuel Mbulu’s business influence extends from Canada to the USA, African continent and worldwide. He owns several businesses in Canada, the United States, and Nigeria. He is the Founder, President, and C.E.O. of Tone-A-Matic International Inc. Tone-A-Matic was founded in 1990. Even though the odds were really stacked against him due to serious competition and lack of adequate capital, with diligence and determination, and by the power of God, he built the company into a multi million-dollar corporation.

Today, Tone-A-Matic international is a manufacturer and distributor of health and fitness products with locations in Mississauga and New York, in addition to worldwide distribution network. Chief Mbulu is very principled and dedicated to excellence and integrity in personal and business affairs.  He is very creative and innovative, and sees opportunities where many people see problems. This is why Chief Mbulu has built all of his businesses into successful enterprises for over 22 years.​

In Nigeria, he is engaged in several businesses including real estate development, and property management in lucrative prime locations. Chief Mbulu is also the chairman and CEO of an investment company that invests in securities and real estate in both Canada and Nigeria. In partnership with friends and investors, he has a stake in the telecom industry in Nigeria.

 After participating in the November 2002 Canadian Trade Mission to Africa (in Johannesburg, Lagos, and Senegal and led by the Honorable Pierre S. Pettigrew), he organized an open house educational session at the Ramada Airport West Hotel.  At this event Chief Mbulu shared his knowledge and business expertise with the members of the community, providing them with insights into opportunities and advantages of expanding their business operation overseas.

Member of the Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga led Trade Mission to China in 2007.
Chief Emmanuel Mbulu is a Patron of the Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA).

The value of Chief Mbulu’s expertise is now recognized in business and social circles. He serves on several corporate and community boards such, as member of the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Mississauga whose honoree Chair is Mayor Hazel McCallion.

Chief Mbulu has also won several awards and recognitions: the Harry Jerome award for business (2007) by the Black Business & Professional Association (BBPA), the Canadian Trade Commissions Service (2002) for Canada’s International Business Development, the Nigeria Silver Jubilee Award of Excellence, recognition to Growth & Development of school (2005 & 2006), Delta State Government, Ministry of Education, 2000. Outstanding Generosity and Contribution to Education Award, Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA, 2000), Certificate of Excellence and Outstanding Business Award (Planet Africa, 2004), Sponsorship Award.

In August 2010, Chief Mbulu was given the Humanitarian Award by the Sickle Cell Miracle Network of Canada. He also received the Community Development Award from the Anambra State Association of Canada in December of 2011.

The City of Mississauga has named a Street, “CHIEF MBULU WAY”, to immortalize his legacy of Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship.


Although Chief Mbulu continues to manage a hectic business schedule, he continues to find time for philanthropic activities that impact the lives of many people in Canada and abroad.
He is the Founder and Chairman of the Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Foundation . Some of the projects the family foundation has already completed include—but not limited to—are the following:

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  • Sponsored and helped many sons & daughters of Igbodo & Nigerians to travel overseas for further studies. He inspired many generations to achieve their Dreams.
  • Built a Primary School – Igbodo, Delta State: In an effort to ensure the safety of children and stop the deaths of young children who were attending school in Igbodo, Chief Mbulu provided the funds, built & donated a Primary School in Ndobu Village, Igbodo, Delta State. The original Primary School was located across the Lagos – Asaba Highway. As a result, many young children were killed while trying to cross the highway in order to attend school. The School is at full capacity from Primary One to Six. The Delta State Government has named the school Emmanuel Mbulu primary School to Honour the Chief. Now, children have access to free education, and families do not have to worry about the safety of their children. Chief Mbulu & his family continue to fund the School.
  • Built a Community Town Hall – Igbodo, Delta State: In an effort to bring traffic from neighbouring towns and fuel the development of Igbodo and surrounding areas, Chief E. Mbulu built a Town Banquet Hall in Ndobu Village, Igbodo. He imported banquet tables chairs, table covers etc. and provided a generator for the Hall. He also supplied the Hall with a Water Toilets System, and Water Head Tank.
  • Built and donated a Two Story Building for the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Igbodo, Delta State, Nigeria
  • Renovated the main Anglican Church building, Igbodo.
  • Paid Helped with the payment of the Assessment for the Church when necessary.N700,000 (Seven Hundred Thousand Naira) for the fencing of the Church Premises.
  • Built and donated a Block of Two Classrooms for Mary & Martha Juniorate Girls Secondary School, Igbodo, Delta State.
  • Built Three Separate Dormitories for Mary & Martha Juniorate Convent Girls Secondary School in Igbodo, Delta State, Nigeria. This Hostel accomadates over 100 students.
  • Built and donated a Water Well for Mary & Martha Juniorate Secondary School.
  • Fenced part of Mary & Martha Juniorate College Premises.
  • Helped with the maintenance of Ndobu Road, Igbodo.
  • Chief Mbulu donated millions of Naira towards the building of the New Obi’s Residence.
    He donated the first N1, 000,000 (One Million Naira) to kick start the construction of the
    New Obi Residence at the Palace.
  • By The Power Of God, Chief Emmanuel & Chief Mrs. Annia Mbulu Paid the School
    Fees, Accommodation Fees, Books, & Maintenance in the University for 4 years for
    HRM The Obi Of Igbodo (The King). Also contributed to his Coronation.
  • Contributed towards the building of the New Police Station in Igbodo, Delta State.
  • Contributed towards the purchase of the Patrol Vehicle for the Police Station, Igbodo.
  • Built a Dormitory to the Chiefs Secondary School Alma-Matter, Anglican Grammar School Ubulu-Ukwu, Delta State.
  • Scholarship Award at York University. In fulfillment of a vow he made to himself and God in the days when he was a struggling student, he set up the Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Award at York University (his alma mater). This yearly scholarship in perpetuity is to help needy and community oriented students of Nigerian decent to complete their education.
  • The Chief Mbulu Family Foundation has also set up Funds to be managed by the Community Foundation of Mississauga to yearly grant in perpetuity to various community charities, especially Sickle Cell.

All of the above would not have been possible without the Power and Blessing of GOD.

Chief Mbulu is a proven leader and a high achiever in the areas of business, philanthropy, and social and community involvement. He is an exemplary role model of achievements that are within the grasp of each and every African-Nigerian-Canadian and any person with the ability to dream and will put forth the requisite effort. He believes that the more you give the more you receive. Overall, Chief Emmanuel Mbulu has made a profound and positive impact in Canada, in Nigeria, and several other areas of the world. He is a living, breathing example of what a good leader, mentor and citizen should be!

Chief Emmanuel Mbulu: B.A. (Hons), MBA & MPA

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist (THE AKWULUEUNOR OF IGBODO KINGDOM) Founding Director and Chairman of the Board-NIDO CANADA