The Chapters of NIDO Canada are provincial based. When fully functional, there shall be 11 chapters in Canada as indicated below. Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut are each paired with Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba, respectively. The Ottawa-Carleton region of the Province of Ontario and the Municipality of Gatineau in the Province of Quebec constitute the National Capital Region Chapter. Each chapter shall be known and addressed as “NIDO Canada, Alberta & Northwest Territories Chapter”, etc. The chapters that are currently functioning are clickable below. Arrangements are ongoing for the establishment of other chapters. The process of establishing a new Chapter involves a series of meetings between the Chief Executive Officer of NIDO Canada and a group of Nigerians in the jurisdiction of the prospective Chapter. A minimum of 15 persons is required to form a Chapter.


  • Alberta & Northwest Territories Chapter
  • British Columbia & Yukon Chapter
  • Manitoba & Nunavut Chapter
  • National Capital Region Chapter
  • New Brunswick Chapter
  • New Foundland & Labrador Chapter
  • Nova Scotia Chapter
  • Ontario Chapter
  • Prince Edward Island Chapter
  • Quebec Chapter
  • Saskatchewan Chapter